Office Portraits (Head Shots)

It’s hard finding a good photographer that knows how to get your image right. Nothing says more about you or your business than your portrait, so having a clean, professional image is paramount.
Sessions use professional equipment and techniques to portray you at your best, be that a traditional individual, traditional group photograph or environmental image.
For standard Office Portraits you can review the images and select the best one. Depending upon the package a minor touch up may be done on site and the finished image is emailed to you right away, or the order is processed within two business days.


Product Photography

We also provide professional studio style photography. For larger or bulky items, if you have the space, we can set up in your location or for smaller, easy to handle pieces we can do them at your location or at a remote location. Im either case, your images are professionally photographed and treated.

Images can also be clipped with a transparent background or green screened for your choice of background.

  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats - Bracelet
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats - Bracelet

Small Business Friendly

When photographing your products I don’t just take photos, I help you present your product in a way that makes it look good. Call for a consultation and see how I can help you get professional results that show your product or service is special.

For a consultation and quote feel free to give me a call: 416 201 8952