Personal, Glamour and Family Photography

My philosophy is work quickly and yet skilfully to craft an image that best represents you artistically whether at your home, on location or a studio. Don’t worry about posing, what to wear or how to look, I use gentle instruction to guide you towards an image that is the most artistic and flattering for you and your family.

My mainstay is a candid, free form style, looking slightly editorial, that uses light, natural or professional, to bring out the best look. My methods and locations are sometimes unorthodox, but my intent is to make sure you enjoy your session and we get images you will be proud of.

I cover the traditional styles of photography such as “The Line-up” to free form “Let’s all get in a pile” and anything in between. Bring your trophies, passion, wardrobe or ideas along to better enhance your experience.

Business Photography

I offer on site professional grade imagery to represent you and your business as well as a typical head shot. Picture yourself, or let me picture you, at your line of work, equipment, or staff photos.

Show your business off in an unconventional, artistic way, or go with the standard head shot. The choice is yours.

All work involves professional gear and post processing.