Product Photography

I also provide professional studio style photography for small to medium products.

For small to medium-sized objects you can drop them off and I can photograph them in my studio. For larger and bulky items, I can set up in your place of business.

I recommend that for lots of smaller, easy to handle pieces (such as jewelry) I do them at your location where we can discuss the best way to show your work.

In any case, your images are professionally photographed and treated.

My images have appeared on the cover of magazines, in catalogues and on various web sites.

Images can also be clipped with a transparent background or green screened for your choice of background.

  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats - Bracelet
  • 3 Oaks Photo - Jewel Kats - Bracelet


Small Business Friendly

When photographing your products I don’t just take photos, I help you present your product in a way that makes it look good. Call for a consultation and see how I can help you get professional results that show your product or service is special.

For a consultation and quote feel free to give me a call: 416 709 3724