Rick these are quite lovely. My husband thinks they are wonderful! It’s amazing how you can control the background….from ethereal white to dramatic black. I really like how you’ve worked with them but keeping them natural. It was certainly different BEING the subject rather than PAINTING the subject.

I mentioned to you that I’ve never liked having my picture taken and perhaps photos of me have reflected this… but you made me feel very comfortable in my own environment and I think it shows in your photographs.


My Images from a photoshoot I did have appeared in Toronto Life, Condo Edition

Condo of the Week: $800,000 for a penthouse with fashion sense


A very special thanks to Richard Koroll for taking such wonderful photo’s at the Toronto West Arts Collaborative 2017 Group Exhibition Opening Reception. Not only is he a brilliant fine art photographer – he is a genius at photographing art for publications – websites and social media.- Donna Child, Owner,  Artworld Fine Art


A Wedding from a sister: I am very pleased that you will be doing (my sister’s) photos for her wedding as well as we know she will be very happy with the outcome! Thank you again for the e-mail and we look forward to seeing you sometime soon 🙂



Thank you so much for the amazing job you did at our wedding. Our guests were very impressed by the service that you provided. If anyone ever asks me for a photographer, I will gladly give them your name. Our pictures are lovely and they captured our wedding day perfectly!

We have been to quite a few weddings over the years and had to deal with other photographers and you were by far the best. We appreciate your kindness and patience with everyone. If you ever have someone who wants a personal recommendation, feel free to give them our name, we would be happy to share our experience with anyone interested in hiring you! It is clear that you love what you do and do your best to make sure that the people you are working for are happy, and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all the effort you put in to make our wedding day so special.

Thank you again,



Wedding: Well Richard, we were more than happy with our photos.There were so many great ones that it was really hard narrowing them down.We want to thank you for your professionalism and a job well done. We would highly recommend you guys to anyone.


Portrait, family: I LOVE THEM, thanks so much and sorry for late response, we are very busy with moving. My husband and whole family love the pictures too. I will see you on December for my older son birthday picture.


Portrait from ongoing client: Thanks again Richard for the nice job. -SB


Portrait Anecdote: That’s me? Wow. That’s me? Wow. – K


Anecdote: Of course, not every wedding went off without a hitch. I did one wedding during the slow season when I thought, why not, I have the day free. The couple initially wanted only 15 images, studio style which I agreed to do in my front room. We agreed to a price and I said that most people usually wanted more and we drew up a rough page agreement where every other image over the 15 they would have to buy. I did the wedding and afterwards when they saw the images, they wanted – you guessed it – all the images. I offered a special price, but they wanted all the images included for the original price. They wrote a bad review and posted it online. I responded with the details and a special price. I will not be doing any more weddings at such a low price, don’t ever ask. It just was not worth it for me. My weddings, when I do them these days, start at $3,000.


Anecdote: “We thought that you were asking too much for the wedding until we say the results. You got pictures we never thought of, or even remember posing for and you got all the people who came from overseas too. You know, we are glad we hired you”.


Anecdote: One couple that hired me never expected to have one of those really fantastic shots you see in marketing ads. The image became their album cover and wanted a big mural when they moved to their house. It’s the blue image in the wedding page slide show.


Anecdote: One couple wanted to save money so they had a low cost reception and wedding service. But they hired me to shoot the wedding. When the album came in, it took the new bride about 5 minutes just to open the cover as she loved the image so much.


Anecdote: I once had a mother bring her child in for a studio session. When she came back to see the images she hit me in the shoulder because she said she needed to buy all the images. (There were more than 10.)


Portrait Anecdote: I have had many people get upset with me for having more than one great image that they needed to purchase. I don’t force, coerce or hard sell anyone to buy anything. The images speak for themselves.


Would you like to see more of these images or album slideshows? Some images I have included in the slideshow on the wedding page. Others I will be happy to show you at our consultation. I do select weddings these days so feel free to ask. Portraits and Family sessions I do all the time.