Lots of high-end photographers today don’t have a studio, instead they prefer to shoot on location or in clients homes for a more personalized, unique photograph. I have found this to be true, a session in a home or a location brings a certain personality unavailable in a studio.
Some people believe that there may be no places in their home that can be used as a background, perhaps they believe their home is to messy. After having sessions in many styles, types and sizes of homes, I can say there usually is always a place available. If you are really concerned, I can bring along a portable background to cover up anything. Throw in some Photoshop magic and you have a perfect photograph of you or your family.

I bring along the equipment I need for the session after our consultation. I have brought studio lights, used portable flashes or have just used available light in some cases. All this to capture a unique image specific to you and yours.







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