Are you using a commercial service that provides an end-to-end service? Then you appreciate how good photography helps to move your property, no matter what it looks like. I’m not here to ask you to change your current service provider as I don’t provide that full service. Who I am here for is the Real Estate Agent who would just like professional quality images, the do-it-yourself kind of agent who does their own brochures and listing, but would really like images that make the phone ring.
My images have done just that, helped to make phones ring and help sell properties that have languished on the market for a while. I have photographed everything from tear-downs, single room condos to million dollar mansions. A new perspective never hurts.

I use fully professional equipment and wide angle lenses, not iPhones or entry level cameras, to produce images that combined with professional software creates wonderful, high resolution images that make people call.

Each session includes:

– A walk around with composition suggestions.
– Interior and exterior images.
– Files to upload directly to MLS.
– Printable file sizes for brochures.
– Fast turn around.
– Reasonable pricing.
– Includes up to 1 hour site time.

More extras also available, please call for pricing details.
Please note, I don’t do staging or move room contents. I will help with the little things, but do charge for more intensive involvement.

If you want just the images as you are a DIY kind of person, then give me a call or email.