I am offering a service for those who have always wanted to get “A Round-To-It” and create an album or collage of their own digital images or prints but have never been able to find the time to do so. I know, you can do this now, just go to a big box store or on-line, upload your images, fiddle about with the fixed templates, (maybe not being satisfied with the arrangement) and an album will be delivered several days later at a very low-cost. But you haven’t got “A Round-To-It” yet as your life is full of other things to do.

So, why on Earth would you want me to do this when you can get it done cheaper? You can use my experience in producing albums and collages for weddings and families plus all my professional software to take your personal images and do proper post-processing on them. I can remove the flash from the eye glasses, table wear and background that causes distractions in your photo and even remove people. I also adjust the image and colour balance to make a so-so image look great. I also have no fixed templates so I can put the images anywhere I want. Or make them as big as I want. But the biggest reason is that I WILL get it done for you. Professionally processed images using high quality professional albums and papers. Done and done.

By the way, I live in Toronto, Canada and I make house calls. Try doing THAT with an on-line service.


Yes, I can scan and process photographs for inclusion, so if you have a photo of great-great-uncle George, I can scan that image, take the folds, rips and fly specs out to make the image a bit better. I have even taken pictures that have been ripped apart and put them back together again. When printed, they looked better than the original.

A few caveats:

– Your images need to be of a large enough size for me to work on, thumbnails will not do.
– The images must belong to you, not a low resolution image of someone elses’ work that you like and want a print of.
– I cannot do the impossible, a bad image may still be bad a bad image, but it may look a little bit better when I get finished with it.

The process:

– Contact me and we can talk about your requirements
– You’ll send me examples and I will look them over and give my appraisal of the work required.
– During the appraisal we can decide upon a collage or album, number of pages and any extras you would like.
– After consultation we either agree to proceed or not. All physical examples will be returned, any digital images emailed to me will be deleted from my systems.

Please note that the albums I use are professional grade and not available to the general public. These are the same albums I use for Weddings and Events and are of high quality and should last many, many years and even a generation or two.

If you are interested, please send me an email at info@3oaksphotographyinc with your contact information, phone number and when best to call you.