Digital items are required to be paid in full before delivery.
Physical items are required to be paid in full before or on delivery.
Payment can be made in cash, bank etransfer, Paypal or credit card.
Debit is not accepted at this time.
Items purchased by cheque/cash will be released/delivered once the cheque has cleared or cash received.

All shipping is extra for orders under $500. Individually processed orders will be charged an appropriate shipping rate.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Artist Edition

Refers to images that are fully worked up, cropped and colour corrected.
Touch-ups include object removal, special effects, blemish removal clothes adjustment, etc.
Artist Edition prints are processed by a professional printing lab and use high quality paper.
Prints may also be processed personally and printed on specialty papers for a different look and feel.

Limited Edition

Refers to images that are lightly touched, maybe some cropping and colour correction.
Not done: object removal, special effects or major touch-ups such as extreme blemish removal.
Limited Edition prints are processed by a professional printing lab and use high quality paper and finishing.


The base album is one image per page with 10 spreads (twenty pages). Your choice of manufacturer, cover and extras plus the number of images determines the final price of the album.
Orders include one free review.
All albums have a manufacture’s warranty.
Verification by email is required before the album is released for printing, once the order has been released there are no more changes allowed.

Digital Images

Digital images are scaled to produce the approximate size of the print indicated and are not recommended to produce prints of a larger nature. A digital image for up to 8×10 prints should produce a full-sized, reasonable quality 8×10 print, similarly for the digital images for 4×6 and 5×7.
There is absolutely no guarantee of any print quality, colour, paper grade, actual print size or image content when not produced through 3 Oaks Photography Inc.
Digital images are priced according to the size of print and are touched up.
Digital Downloads are only available for 24 hours after which the link is no longer valid. Order links expire after 24 hours and are no longer available. An additional charge to resend the image may be applied once the download period has expired.

Return Policy:

All products are unique, custom products and are not returnable once ordering has commenced.
All digital image downloads are not refundable once purchased.


Quotes are provided for thirty (30) contiguous days.


Services will only be booked based on receipt of a non-refundable retainer.


All services require a contract.
Large services such as weddings require a contract to be completed and partial payment. Details of the contract include (but are not limited to) contact names and contact information, venues, special requests or needs among other information. All information is kept confidential and is not shared, sold or otherwise given to third parties.
The non-refundable retainer is your commitment to the service being provided.