No matter where you go, there is a photograph waiting to be found.

Be that in a studio, your home, on location, your favourite place, one is there. My job is to find your photograph then turn it into an artwork.

What makes the photograph? Camera angles, careful use and positioning of lights, knowing where the Sun will be (or won’t be), being able to position you so that you look your best, that is the talent that produces the exquisite image.

What makes the artwork? Most people stop once the photograph is found and figure the job is done, but there is more, such as picking the right choice of paper for the image to live on or finessing the image in just the right way to bring out the subject. And using the right printer and ink. I personally print my artwork series using specialty papers not found at the local big box stores so you get just the perspective I was looking for.

Want a collection of images that says more about you than a single print? My albums are printed using best in class Canadian or imported Italian manufacturers.

I take pride in my photographs and conduct my sessions semi-serious and lighthearted; sessions that you will enjoy and remember.

I do not own a studio. I did once, but found that creativity does not belong in any one spot. Where you see an uninteresting location, I see potential. In a studio, at your home, in a boutique hotel room or lobby and just about anywhere, I can create an image for you.

Give me a call for more information, it may be some of the best time you’ve spent looking your best.

Rick Koroll
416 201 8952